Content Management Rates

I wish to collaborate with artists and promoters as much as I’m able. I can create content for you and trim to size for you to publish. Depending on your specific demographics and the time frame you require to reach them, I can also schedule posts for you.


Gathering content first time working together will be a flat rate of $120.00 That is editing and picking media that is given to me and will also include 2 posts of whichever you choose for photos between now and the event.

If you wish to do more, we discuss how many hours. This is for anything less than 5 hours of work you’re requesting:

$28.00 per hour. Average 2-3 posts. Depending on length/style and hand picking the content myself to post.

If posts include VIDEO it will be $34.00 per hour. Average 1-2 posts dependent on length of video .30 seconds – 1.00 minute.

To continue past 5 hours, we can discuss other pricing for future ongoing work if desired.

My goal is to help you build content when you need it and when you want. Content may get heavy during certain seasons (summer events etc) pricing may vary if I have multiple contracts at the time.

I’m here to collaborate and work with you so it will still be your voice talking to your audience.