Kitti Von Paige, a writer as far back as she can possibly remember. It started with short story horrors and developed into every lane of writing she could possibly dabble in (spells included).
Her love for dark storyline’s and glamour has always been part of her seduction behind the lens, it is where she thrives most.
As a writer, Kitti Von Paige is working on her first book, outlining her first documentary and continues to write poetry.
The world of Kitti Von Paige is one with no boundaries, with a goal to keep her city weird and ever-changing for the better future of those that make it so different and beautiful.
Through fashion and poetry, this is where her message is clear: art has no limits and neither shall we limit the art we partake in.
An upcoming jewelry line, multiple music collaborations, a style of wardrobe styling keen to herself, this is the world of Kitti Von Paige.


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